If you are having trouble choosing a size, we can help! Send us an email at with measurements and a photo.

Pet weight is only an approximate guide, please measure your pet’s neck (lowest point near shoulders) for best fit. Collars and Tie & Snap Bandanas are designed to fit with two finger-width gap (or up to 2 inches), sized according to neck circumference shown as a range. Please size up if your pet is in between sizes. Slip On Bandanas are meant to fit ¾ to ½ way around your pet’s neck on their collar and should fit proportionally to their head and chest. Please size down if your pet is in between sizes to avoid unwanted gathering and bunching on the collar. 


All scrunchies and headbands are one size fits most. Scrunchies come with an 8 inch elastic suitable for most hair types and densities. Custom sizes available upon request. Baby headbands are 14-17” head circumference and can generally fit babies 3-12 months. 


In between sizes or don't have the size you need? We can make a custom order just for your pet! Send us an email at with the measurements, a photo of your pet, and desired size description. 



*All products are for fashion purposes only. Not intended to be worn for long periods of time, during strenuous activity, or sleeping. Potential Choking & Digestive Hazard: Not safe for chewing or swallowing. Please use caution at your own discretion and supervise your pet during use.

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