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Love the colors and that it is a spring plaid on the other side. The quality is top notch. Love all the bandannas and bow ties I get from you.

Sailor Bow

Quality products, quality service, easy ordering, and fast shipping.

Great product! My husky loves it!

Bumble Bee Buffalo Scrunchies

We bought this set of scrunchies and matching doggy bandana for our daughter for Christmas and we can't wait to see her face!, We know she's going to love them.

Paw Plaid Bow Tie
Ashleigh W
Paw Plaid Bow Tie

This is not my first time ordering from 'Koda & Kel' and there's a reason I keep coming back! The bows are high quality material that will last a long time and so cute!! They are easy to put on my cat's collar with the elastic straps. Also, a bonus is that they are delivered in compostable packaging!

Poinsettia bows



I had been looking for a red buffalo plaid bow tie for years for my cat, Jersey. I also wanted one for my doggo, Reno for the holidays. Pretty sure I squealed with delight when I saw that Koda and Kel had them. My cat, he looks so handsome with it on that I’m pretty sure I cried because I’d finally found the perfect red and black plaid bow tie for him after all these years! And Reno looks just as handsome in his! We all love them very much, Thank you! Rachel, Reno, Jersey and Renny (who also got a Koda and Kel bow tie of her own but she got the candy cane one from Benny’s Puppy Parlor!)

Acorns & Plaid Scrunchies
Melanie Ashmore
So cute and great material!

Quick order delivery and so special. The material is great and looks so cute on the pups! Thank you!

Our cat's love them

These are well made and our first order has held up about a year and still going strong, we've had store bought ones break after 2 days so the quality of these is fantastic. The cute seasonal patterns are fun too 😊

Excellent Bags

We met the creator of this brand at a show last year and we bought a few of these bags - they're fantastic. They've held up to all the biting our cats have done to them and they've outlasted store bought ones. I'm getting a few more off the website as I write this! A must have for your little furry friend.

Love the subtle colors

Well, you know, cute, just too cute. I'm a fan of understated elegance and the fabric used in the bows is right up my alley.

Beautiful products!

I was amazed of the quality and detail of these little wonders. My cat never wore any accessories, but she accepted it right away.

Wildflowers on Teal Sailor Bow

Loved the bows but unfortunately they didn’t even make it a week. The dogs pulled at them and they came apart 😢

Thanks for your feedback, I’m sorry to hear they didn’t last long. I have since modified the construction to be more durable by tacking down the tails with multiple lines of stitching and reinforcing the elastic loops. I hope this helps in the future!

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